Kirkby Mallory / Twycross

I felt miserable today. Not sure why really, just a black mood. I’m a person with quite a lot of interests, but I couldn’t really summon up the necessary motivation for any of them.

So I decided that despite the damp gloom, I should get out of the house for a bit on a bike. I set off on the Twycross at 12:35.

Noticed that the front tyre was slightly soft. Something to do with the valve coming right out when I unscrewed the cap on Tuesday. Perhaps I’ll grease the threads and reseat it, but for today I settled for pumping it up to pressure before I set off.

The roads were wet, it was slightly foggy and it was cold. But at least it wasn’t windy, which gave me the luxury of heading off in whatever direction I fancied. I was going to go up to Belton and east from there, but by the time I was in Coalville I’d decided to go down to Kirkby Mallory instead. So I kept on going all the way to Bardon and approached Ellistown from there. Hadn’t done that before.

The usual way down to Kirkby, through Bagworth and Newbold Verdon. From Kirkby I went west to Sutton, and from there I performed a Reverse Twycrosser, along Fenn Lanes.

Listened to Footy on 5 Live. United allowed Southampton to dominate them in the first half and conceded two goals, but as I expected they turned it around in the second half, easily overcoming the South Coast side. More interesting was the news that Celtic were getting beaten by Ross County in a cup competition. I wouldn’t think Neil Lennon will last much longer in that job.

Conditions brightened up a bit along Fenn Lanes, but by sunset the clag had descended again. Despite iffy conditions, quite an enjoyable run out in the end. 39.73 miles, leaving me with 328 to do.

531 this month so far and that’s a personal November record, surpassing November 2017’s tally, 524.

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