Twycross Bypasser / Reverse Twycrosser

Not much time tonight but I thought I’d get 20 or so in after work. The idea was to do a short Twycrosser. But since the weather was quite nice I thought I’d take a pair of binoculars with me in a backpack and examine the view to the west from near Little Orton, a road that bypasses Twycross. I did that. I noticed a tower block about (at a guess) 10 miles in the distance, which I think might be at Tamworth. I will take a compass and a camera with a telephoto lens some time soon, possibly not on a bike though.

Nice weather. Warm, mostly cloudy but the sun did come out for a bit.

Realised I was going to be back in substantially more than 20 miles by the time I got to Orton Lane, and I was pushed for time. So I mentally plotted the shortest route back. Not correctly, as it turns out. I took the A road, then Gibbet Lane from Twycross. Looking at the route on a map, straight up to Snarestone would have been quicker. But I was back in time in any case.

Listened to England vs Germany on 5 Live, and I must admit that despite my disdain for Southgate and his ridiculous indulgence of virtue-signalling identity politics, as the match wore on I started to hope that we might knock the Germans out of a tournament for a change. Perversely, the first England goal just made me nervous. It’s the hope that kills you and I couldn’t help but suppose that they’d get a last gasp equaliser that would lead, after a mutually frustrating period of extra time, to a penalty competition.

But that’s not what happened. The second goal went in just as I was closing the garage door on the bike. Good times.

That’s a wrap for June I think, I won’t ride a bike tomorrow. Half-way point in the year already. 521 this month, 2458 this year.

I have the day off on Thursday. Looks like ideal weather for the July Fondo.