Nice warm afternoon but rain was due over at 6pm-ish. I left work as soon as decently possible and set off on a Twycrosser. Funny how familiarity puts me off longer routes, but it’s the very thing that appeals to me on shorter rides. The Twycrosser and Twycross Bypasser in their many variants are a regular part of my routine now.

I was going to go down to Pinwall and across through Ratcliffe Culey, but the road south of Sheepy had clearly just been resurfaced. So badly, that after about 5 metres of it I had to turn back, and come back up through Sibson instead. I’ve seen roads round here surfaced with sharp gravel before and I usually tolerate it as long as it’s not a long stretch but this was gross – massive quantities of coarse, dusty bright grey gravel a couple of inches thick in some places. It had definitely been overdone. Took another five miles for the dust stripe to wear off my tyres.

Will take a while for passing traffic to wear that down, I think. Scandalous.

Sunny at first but the clouds came over quite soon. It hadn’t rained by the time I got back, on 29.26 miles. It still hasn’t started, over two hours later and the sun even came out after I came back in the house. Should have stayed out longer.

I listened to 5 Live, and today in addition to the regulation Boris-bashing there was a piece on the difficulties facing bisexual people – who often suffer prejudice from gay people as well as straight folks apparently, and are sometimes denied representation for their rich history and culture. I was taken aback by the number of times the woman interviewed used the word “queer”, has that been reclaimed for usage in everyday discourse now?

I learned that bi women often pretend to be gay in queer spaces. If they come out as bi, gay women tend to distrust them – sometimes suspecting that their attraction to women is mainly to please men for sexual reasons.

The world is so complicated now, especially on the BBC.

Anyway 205 this month, 2293 this year.