Wet Twycrosser

The weather forecast warned that rain was due over at around 6pm. I took a long lunch break at about 2:15pm, thinking that I wouldn’t get wet if I was back by about 5.

I got showered on for five minutes near Sibson after 18 miles and I hoped I’d get home without attracting any more precipitation, but nope – after a brief respite it was mostly persistent rain all the way home.

I trialled a new cycling jacket – really a perfect fit, nice and tight, but the pockets – especially the rear one – aren’t quite as big as I’d like. The sleeves are just the right length though, which is unusual for me as I have abnormally long arms. It did resist the moisture quite nicely, as well.

I listened to Nihal Arthanayake’s programme on 5 Live, which today was about how Mugabe’s behaviour in Zimbabwe was really the fault of the British.

Had to give the Tricross a good wipe down to get the moisture off when I got back, but at least it looks cleaner now.

29.42 miles, 557 this month which is 207 over target. Looks like I’m on course for about 5350 this year. 4687 so far.