Lower Westbound

The last day of the Christmas hols and a dry, sunny and fairly mild one although the roads were still a bit wet from rain yesterday.

Hoped to do about 40 miles though I did think I might just stretch that to a fondo. With a light wind coming from the west I decided on the Lower Westbound Route, out through Lullington, Edingale and King’s Bromley. Quite nice out there and I seemed to have plenty of energy despite hoovering a few Scotches last night so I kept going up through Abbots Bromley to Bagot’s Wood, where I decided to turn back after 32 miles.

I took a wrong turn on the way back after Abbots Bromley but that was fine. I followed a sign to Yoxall and I knew that would take me back to the usual route eventually. Actually quite a fortuitous mistake. Hadn’t done that stretch of road between Abbots and Yoxall before. I quite liked it.

What wasn’t quite so fortuitous though was that, no doubt prompted by taking an unusual route into King’s Bromley, I missed the turn there and went some way off course, to the south. With the sun due to go down before long I resorted to Google Maps. I plotted a route to get back on track that involved a two mile stretch of A38. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but I reasoned that the Bank Holiday traffic would be light, and fortunately I didn’t get killed. I did get beeped at a couple of times. But it’s perfectly legal to ride a bike along there. It’s just not particularly sensible.

Back the usual way after that and home on 67.79 miles.

I listened to Adrian Chiles on 5 Live, then Rangers v Celtic. Then LBC.

This year’s target is 4540 miles, which would maintain my average of just over 20km per day since Jan 1st 2015.

I ticked two of the neighbouring counties boxes with this ride; Derbyshire and Staffordshire.