The roads were acceptably dry by lunchtime so I did a Twycross on the Boardman. Cold, but beautifully sunny. Just before I set off, the Man from Amazon turned up with a balaclava that I’d ordered – a full face affair, with just a letterbox for the eyes, and long enough to go right down the collar of a jersey. it certainly kept the cold wind off my face but it does have one disadvantage – it captures your breath as you expel it, then directs it up to the eye gap, where it fogs up your cycling glasses for a moment.
At my first wee stop near Twycross, I removed it. I think I would definitely wear it again in very cold weather though. There must be a solution for the lens misting problem.
It probably looked a bit silly under a red dutt.
Onward through Sheepy, and back to the A44 along Wellsborough Rd. I’d done 13 miles at that point and was hoping to do 22. I knew that the end of Gibbet Lane -> home is about 8, so I took a left and came back that way. Stopped at the Gibbet Post to see if a few of the physio exercises might help, but they seemed to wear me out a bit – I felt a bit dizzy when I got back on the bike for the first minute or two.

My front tyre picked up a bright grey stripe – salt on the roads, no doubt.

Saw a couple of buzzards.
21.83 miles, 200 this year (all on the Boardman).
I think the exercises are helping a bit.

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