Went out on the Boardman this afternoon. Lovely day – mild, bright and sunny. I’d intended a low elevation route to the Gibbet Post and back which would have been about 15-16 miles. I’d picked it out by perusing my activity record on Strava, sorting them by distance and looking for the low elevation ones in the 15-16 mile range.

However being my usual absent-minded self I realised by the time I got to Snarestone that I’d basically ignored my plan, and was doing a Twycross on auto-pilot. As I neared Twycross though I turned left along Bilstone Road to Bilstone and Congerstone, to keep it short. Home on 16.73 miles.

Both knees experienced a bit of discomfort. Possibly I did give myself a setback at the weekend by doing nigh-on 50 miles. It’s a long journey. What the destination is I don’t know, but anyway I will be good and increase my distances in 2 mile per week increments as instructed by Physio 2. I’ll start from 16 miles, unless my knees improve markedly in which case I’ll consider my setback to be temporary and bump up the distances a bit more.

Lovely view of the daytime 2/3 full Moon in a clear blue sky throughout. One or two buzzards around, flying high against the blue backdrop.

The battery on my old Forerunner 10 died with about two miles to go. I suppose I’ll give up on it. Once again I synthesised the track by looking on Strava for the last time I’d done the same ride, exporting the GPX, editing it to remove 8 metres or so where I overshot a turn (because I didn’t do that this time) and to change the timestamps. I used a graphical tool called gpsprune. Nice & easy. Uploaded the modified version to Strava, job done.

Maybe another Twycrosser on Sunday.

290 this year now, all of them on the red Boardman.

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