Little Twycross

Lovely sunny afternoon – mild, only slightly blowy and dry so with a decent quantity of post-4pm daylight on offer and the legs seeming to have recovered somewhat from their 50 mile indulgence a couple of weeks ago, I decided I’d go for a shortish spin. Not too far – about 15 miles, I thought – because I want them to recover properly tomorrow so I can go out again on Sunday.

Got to the garage and decided I’d take the Planet X, but realised that the X’s bike computer was in the house. If I’d had a GPS watch on I’d have been fine of course but I only had the phone with me. So I took the red Boardman again.

I did the short version of the Twycross that takes a left at Little Twycross to Bilstone. Took it easy, really enjoyed myself. Even the farmy smells seemed to have a certain charm in the almost-spring sunshine.

No wildlife of particular interest save some cute birds in the trees near Twycross. Some sort of tit with a grey / beige chest colour and black & white trim round the head. Coal tits, perhaps or at least that’s what suggests.

16.68, leaving me with just 13 to do to reach the modest Feb target (156).

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