Cold, but Sunny

Well – I’d been intending to do at least 40 miles tomorrow, although I don’t know if the rather cold conditions will permit that. But I can’t resist a sunny afternoon so I thought I’d go out and do 15 or so today, as well.

The roads are a bit wet and muddy, partly from thawed frost I think. It’s cold out there but at least it’s not windy. I used my Garmin watch but annoyingly it took a long time to locate itself from the satellite signals, so much so that my patience ran out and I set off before it was ready. I think that GPS devices use previously cached data to pick up their position more quickly, so it’s probably normal for a new one. I must have a read about how that works.

Anyway it locked onto the satellites after about .15 miles. I’ve added that to the spreadsheet.

I took the hybrid again since I intended a short ride. Apart from that I’d just cleaned out and lubed the chain on the Boardman and didn’t want it getting wet and muddy immediately afterwards. I did a sort of truncated Twycross. Really nice out there apart from the temperature.

17.91 miles. I will go out tomorrow as well, hopefully the roads will be a bit less wet and mucky. Perhaps a pub stop to warm up a bit is in order.

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