Twycross Bypasser

Lovely sunny day. I left work early, at about 15:20 and decided the conditions were sufficiently spring-like to warrant this year’s first run out on the X.

A bit windy and colder than I expected, unfortunately. I wanted to do at least 25, to get the 2020 mile count into four figures. I did a ‘Twycross Bypasser’ that curves round Twycross to the west, via Orton.

For the first time in months, I went along Mythe Lane at the south-west end of the route. I’ve been avoiding it on the grounds that it would most likely be flooded, but today it wasn’t. There was a bit of standing water around here and there, but it was easily avoided. Rolled over a few shallow wet patches. Nothing to worry about.

The headwind was mildly aggressive for the first half of the ride but I enjoyed it overall. Back on 34.79 miles. Nice to come up through the villages north of Bosworth, hadn’t done that for a while.

I listened to the PM’s press conference on a DAB while I was out. Really surreal times. And out of interest, I’d already been paying particular attention to my proximity to other people. I went within maybe 1.5 metres of joggers once or twice, and passed someone on the pavement at Market Bosworth. I reckon that transferring a viral infection to someone in the open air like that would be extremely unlikely, and therefore even if fully “self isolating” rather than maintaining “social distancing”, I should be OK to get out of the house on a bike once in a while, provided I don’t visit shops or pubs.

But the French government is apparently threatening “punishments” for those who engage in “non-essential movement”, and who’s to say that won’t happen here, in a few weeks? If it does, even an hour on my bike without going anywhere near another person would be impossible.

But at least I’ve got a turbo trainer!

Anyway. Today’s outing takes me to 1010 miles in 2020, 298 this month.

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