A hot, sunny day, possibly the last opportunity for cycling in shorts this year. Other things to do tomorrow, temperatures will drop on Thursday and it’s October in about three weeks’ time.

With the wind coming from the east, I thought I’d do the usual eastbound route for 20 miles or so then come back. However, I got as far as Prestwold Park near Burton on the Wolds, and decided to do something else. I took the road to Hoton then to Wymeswold, to join the old, deprecated eastbound route and came back home from there. Once back over the Leicestershire border though, I detoured through Diseworth and came back down Top Brand.

Something a bit different. Nice run out. The road between Hoton and Wymeswold especially is lovely for cycling; secluded and quiet. But it’s difficult to incorporate it into a route.

Noticed that some netting has been stretched over Ashby Road near the A6 junction, between two newly erected scaffolding structures and directly under the electricity lines – is there a danger that one of them will snap? Or perhaps they’re installing new lines there soon.

Listened mainly to the press briefing about the health and social care tax. I laughed when Sajid Javid joked that Rishi Sunak had “been trained well”, but I think there’s a touch of regret that his understudy has upstaged him.

39.26 miles, 173 this month.