Another mild day with the wind coming from the west. No chance of rain, but the roads were a bit wet. Mostly cloudy, but the sun did come out from time to time.

I thought of doing the Dad’s Army route as far as Dordon. I hadn’t been quite that far along it (as far as I recall) since I first used it on a run to historic Worcestershire and back, about eighteen months ago.

It’s mostly the Twycross route until you get to the junction with Pinwall Lane, then it goes west. I’d forgotten what a rubbish little road Dordon Hall Lane was. Narrow, hilly, heavily potholed and covered with a thin film of mud. I’ll take a longer way round next time. I narrowly avoided getting liberally doused in muddy water when an oncoming Land Rover went into a deep puddle in the ditch, though to be fair he only hit it because he was trying to give me room to get past.

Anyway – I went as far as Dordon, then came back via the second part of a Twycrosser, so in fact this ride ended up as a Twycrosser with an extension to the west at the bottom. Took this pic near Dordon, a few minutes after sunset. Nice view from there, looking back toward Orton and Twycross.

I really want to go a bit further next time, at least as far down to Kingsbury Water Park which I remember was really nice. But I’ll devise a better route.

Listened mostly to 5 Live Drive. Lots of talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy, and I must say a conversation about “vaginal atrophy” made me shift uncomfortably in my saddle.

Back on 37.29 miles.