Wasn’t able to abandon my desk as early as I wanted due to a meeting but it was mild and dry, if a bit windy and gloomy. I thought I’d do the usual 30-odd after work. I did a Bypasser.

Saw a helicopter travelling in a south-westerly direction not long after setting off and wondered if it was headed to the “helipad” field near Measham. Sure enough when I passed the field it was there, red lights flashing and spinning up the rotor blades. I stopped and watched it take off.

Even better, I saw an old steam locomotive on a huge trailer being pulled along Gallows Lane.

Tested a new torch that I bought at Tesco on an impulse – it takes 4 AAs and is quite heavy so not practical for longer rides but great for these shorter jaunts. Very bright.

Listened to 5 Live and more Reacher.

Back on 37.27 miles.