Circular Eastbound

While looking through my bike routes on RideWithGPS this morning I came across one I’d devised, but never tried that goes eastward by a different, more southerly route through Bagworth, Markfield, Rothley, Trussington and Hoby before looping upward through Ragdale to join the usual eastbound route near Six Hills.

So: I did that this afternoon, after leaving work early. Plumbed the route into my eTrex so I wouldn’t get lost.

Certainly made a nice change, but I could have done without all the hill climbing on the lower part. Nice and quiet though. Nice views. I think I did something similar a few months ago.

I had half a mind to do a fondo, so to that end I continued east for a bit when I got to Six Hills. But it was getting a bit cold so I turned back after about three miles. I don’t often do more than 50 miles without doing a fondo and I did think about maybe an excursion into Coalville and back with a few miles to go. But there’ll be longer, warmer days soon.

Saw a baby deer strolling along the grass verge at Stanford on Soar. It disappeared into someone’s front garden when it heard me coming.

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