Short Eastbound

Rain due over at about 1400, but I thought I could get 35 miles or so in before then. Set off at about 1015. With the wind coming from the east, the idea was to do 17 or 18 miles of the eastbound then come back.

I went east the “old” way through Rempstone. At the crossroads there I noticed, as I waited for a green light, a metallic grey Range Rover (or similar) in my mirror. He isn’t going to try to overtake me going up the hill is he? I wondered. There wouldn’t be a lot of space given the oncoming traffic.

He did overtake me. I was relieved as he passed though, he wasn’t too close. However a split second later I discovered that he was towing a caravan, and that missed me by about seven inches. I shouted WANKER at the top of my voice. Not sure if the driver heard me or not. Bloody annoying.

By the time I got to Wymeswold, I’d decided to join up with the newer route. But when I got there I thought I’d keep going east for a bit first. I wasn’t wholly sure I was on Narrow Lane, my intended way to the “new” route (although actually, I was). So since I’d done 18 miles by this time and I was half expecting to get rained on, I turned back. But I came back via Hoton and Cotes, to do the “new” route at least as far as Zouch. After crossing the A6 I extended the ride a bit by detouring through Long Whatton and Diseworth, then I came home down Top Brand.

I didn’t get rained on. Actually as I type it still hasn’t rained today, meaning that I could have done a fondo in very nice weather. It’s sunnier now than it was this morning. Irritating.

Listened to another few hours of Pete Townshend’s autobiography. Fascinating. Back on 40.46 miles.  559 this month now so I should get that to 600 before June.