Donington / Willington

Cold day today. I was comfortable enough on the bike, but I had to wrap up warm. The Boardman was selected as weapon of choice since there were a few puddles around, and I set off at about 11:15.

With a strong-ish wind coming from the north, the intention was to go north, then west along the long A road under Derby, then back. I only wanted to do 35 miles or so but I was on call, so I tried to pursue the usual strategy of not wandering too far from base.

I went up through Belton to Long Whatton where I turned west for Melbourne then over Swarkestone Bridge and westward as far as Willington. Then I came back down Top Brand, rather than continue on to Long Whatton.

Mostly cloudy, but the sun did come out for about five minutes! And unfortunately an unexpected and persistent rain started about three miles from home.

I mostly listened to my Jack Reacher audiobook. The second half has gone a bit incoherent; almost surreally implausible. It’s as if the author developed a powerful drink habit after writing the first 20 chapters or so.

My Garmin bike computer gave a low battery warning on the way down Top Brand but fortunately I had a GPS watch on so I used that for the last eight miles, and concatenated the tracks when I got back.

41.25 miles.

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