Wet Twycrosser

The forecast for this afternoon was dry. I didn’t have that much time but I left work early, wrapped up warm and set off on the Tricross. A little windy, and definitely cold. Pretty dramatic difference from Monday. Feels like winter has arrived.

I did a shortish Twycrosser.

About three minutes after I set off, a light rain started to come down. But ten minutes later it had stopped, and I was rolling along dry roads. The temperature seemed to have climbed a couple of degrees as well. However twenty minutes later, a medium-light but persistent rain set in for the rest of the ride. My toes and fingers were uncomfortably cold.

Fairly miserable run out on the whole, but I did enjoy an interview with Rob Halford on 5 Live. He always seems such a nice, humble, down-to-Earth guy.

Naturally, given that the BBC is a broadcaster obsessed to the point of psychosis with race, gender and sexuality politics, rock music’s Stately Homo was mostly asked questions relating to his status as a gay man. But it was all good, all very interesting.

Home on 24.13 miles. 502 this month.


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