I may well go out tomorrow when conditions will be slightly warmer, so I only wanted to do 25 or so today. Set off with no particular plan. Started off by going through Coalville up to Belton, then across to the top of Top Brand. I reached the bottom after only 13 miles or so, so I took a right along the B5324 over to Church Town and Farm Town, something I haven’t done for quite a long time. From there I came down through Coleorton.

By the time I’d reached Ashby Road I’d still only done 14.6 miles, and was about a mile from home. On a bike ride, my house is a bit like a magnet in that its attraction is inversely proportional to the distance squared. I was quite tempted to go home there and then. But I resisted its lure and headed over to Packington. Still no clear plan for what I’d do, but I went down to Snarestone, then back home through Swepstone and Heather.

I wrapped up really warm with a thick fleece under my jersey and two layers on my legs, with a woolly hat. I was slightly too warm, but better that than too cold. The wind wasn’t too annoying except along Alton Hill. Beautifully sunny early on, but gloomy for the last half hour.

Back on 27.33 miles, and that’s 530 this month. Looking at the weather forecast, I think I can get that up to 600 though it will mean staying out after dark at least once.


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