All Over The Place

On call again today, but I wanted to do 54, to bring my remaining distance requirement for 2020 under 900 miles. Set off at about 10:40. It had rained earlier in the morning and the roads were a bit wet here and there. I took the Boardman. Started off by heading over to Ellistown through Ibstock, but was impeded by a Road Closed sign and a set of roadworks. I detoured via Donington le Heath. When I got to Ellistown I decided to take a left along Beveridge Lane, past the huge Amazon distribution centre and other business premises.

Ended up riding round Coalville, Whitwick, Belton and up to Diseworth. Then back toward home until Sinope, where I tacked on a Twycrosser, coming eastward through Barton and Nailstone to Bagworth, from where I pedalled back to Ellistown then rode around Coalville and the various industrial / business estates again. Not what I usually do, but something a bit different.

Conditions were sunny when I set off but a very light rain set in an hour or two later. However it was dry for the last hour or so and I would have done another 8 or 9 miles to chalk up another Fondo, but by this time the temperature had dropped a fair bit and I was feeling a tad uncomfortable.

Listened to an interview with Wilko Johnson on 6 Music – he picked music by Neil Young and Dylan; would have thought he’d have gone for some frenetic Rock’n’Roll. Then I listened to a few chapters of the fourth Reacher novel – he’s being blackmailed by the FBI, can’t help thinking that won’t go too well for them – then the football on 5 Live (Southampton vs Everton, sounded dismal).

Home on 55.13 miles. 447 this month, 5315 this year and that’s 899 to go! If I can crank out another 100 miles this month, less than 400 to do in each of November and December.

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