Didn’t think I was going to get the November campaign going until Wednesday, but this morning the meteorologists promised a brief respite from the rain, until around 5pm this afternoon. It was very windy, but nonetheless I set off just after 11:30 on the Tricross, bringing an end to a run of seven rides on the Boardman.

The roads were a bit wet but the sun came out not long after I set off. I went up through Coleorton and Melbourne and west along the A road through Willington to Hilton, then back the same way until Melbourne, from where I continued on to Isley Walton and came back down Top Brand.

The wind didn’t bother me until the last 9 miles, when it became a powerful headwind. Felt like I was struggling for every few metres; in that respect not a brilliant choice of route.

The clouds came over near Willington and I got rained on, on and off. But the last 15 miles or so were dry. Listened to more of the Reacher novel, then footy on 5 Live. Saw a couple of dead buzzards on the road.

An enjoyable run out on the whole, and I’m happy to have got 43.51 miles in when I wasn’t expecting to get out. Every 10 miles is significant at this stage of the game. 816 to go.

I’d love to think there’s another 100 miler in the 2020 locker. Depends on good weather coinciding with time off work.


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