Pretty Random

I really wanted to do at least 40 after work. I was able to get out reasonably early, it was dry, it wasn’t too cold. I set off at 4pm on the Boardman. Wasn’t sure exactly where I’d go but I was on call so I couldn’t stray too far from base. Started by going out through Donington le Heath and Ellistown, then I doubled back after about 4 miles, to the south-east. The early evening traffic was pretty heavy along there; it wasn’t the best idea.

Not long after this, I checked my phone. I hadn’t had a call but I checked MS Teams, in case someone had tried to contact me. I’d left an issue half-resolved, hoping that I could finish it off tomorrow but nope – a colleague was asking for help. I decided I’d return home but continue my ride after I’d sorted it out.

A few miles later I leaned my bike against our front wall, entered the front door, dived into my man cave, did five minutes of server admin in full cycling gear and dispatched a quick email. About seven minutes later I was off out into the dark again.

Having done roughly 11 miles at this point I decided I’d do a Twycrosser. But I only did a relatively short one. I’d done 31 miles by the time I was back round at Ibstock, and I decided I’d had enough. Home on 33.10 miles.

No good excuse for it, really. I wasn’t particularly tired. I wasn’t cold. It wasn’t raining. I just fancied kicking back and listening to the footy or watching something on the telly. I just hope I don’t end up having to make up for it in the snow or rain in late December.

I may do a few miles tomorrow, though. 619 to go.

I was quite surprised to see Strava award me a personal best for a segment that I must have done dozens of times, towards Packington. Certainly I wasn’t trying to go any quicker than usual. I can only assume it’s a fairly new one.

OK I’ve just checked, it’s not a new one. Strava has recorded four times for me on that stretch of road, the first in August 2017. But I have done it dozens of times. I don’t get it.

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