I wanted to do 50 after work, ideally. Couldn’t get out until 5pm unfortunately and it was already dark, but I took powerful lights and spare powerful lights. I’d given the Boardman a relube at lunchtime today, so I took that.

It was at least fairly mild, and dry. I went out through Coalville, Whitwick, Thringstone, Belton to Long Whatton, where I turned for Melbourne then up over Swosser Bridge and west along the long, flat A road.

Stopped and turned back near Hilton, having done about 29 miles. Came back the quicker way from Melbourne. I would have arrived home on a little more than 48 miles, so I stayed out for another two between Ravenstone and Coalville.

Back on 50.53 miles.

Not sure I’ve ever done 50 miles after sunset. Certainly I’ve set off in the dark before, and I’ve done long rides with the last 30 or 40 in darkness. But I think that was my dark distance record. Warm clothing, a personal radio and a powerful front light make all the difference. One nice feature of the route I did tonight is that it has a couple of street-lit stretches, where you can turn off the main front light to save juice if you want to.

207 this month, I’d like to do another 250 before December kicks in if I can. It’s only the 10th so probably achievable.


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