Diseworth / Twycrosser

On call at the moment, as is so frequently the case these days. But I was able to leave work while it was still light, albeit not for long, and not very light, either. A very gloomy day, yet one which carried a very low risk of rain, according to the meteorologists.

Didn’t have a clear plan in mind when I left the house, except to do about 40 miles without straying too far from home. I went up through Coleorton and Belton, very much enjoying myself as it was rather mild and I had a light tailwind. Then I looped sharp left to Diseworth and came back down Top Brand, fighting the same gusty breeze from the south in headwind mode. Turned right at Alton Hill, only about a mile or so from home and tacked on a Twycrosser, to the south.

Back on 43.46 miles.

Quite enjoyable. Being right out in the sticks in the dark in a strong wind takes you out of your comfort zone a bit, but the sense of doing that is quite satisfying, even if the experience isn’t. But of course some of the ride was through decently lit villages as well.

Listened to the Drive programme on 5 Live until they started up with the one-sided race politics yet again. They’d invited a black woman to pontificate on the subjects of institutional racism and “white privilege”, without any opposing, balancing viewpoint being represented of course. The BBC is a bit like a broadcast version of Ebony magazine at the moment. After that I switched to 6 Music.


314 done this month.

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