Well I wanted to do 40 after work and I managed to get out at about 3:50pm, while it was still light. Started off by going up through Coleorton and up Top Brand to Isley Walton, then west to Melbourne. I was thinking of going up over Swosser Bridge again but decided to come straight back down again. By this time it was dark of course, and very cold. I decided that 30 miles would do. By the time I’d hit Coleorton I was colder still, and I’d decided to make do with the 21 or so that I’d have done by the time I made it home by the quickest route.

But I did do a few more around Coalville. Back on 26.76 miles.

I’ve been annoyed by inconsiderate drivers in oncoming vehicles blinding me with both barrels of full beam headlights recently, so I bought a new head torch which I’ve named The Punisher. Unlike ordinary head torches which are powered by a couple of AAAs or an internal rechargeable, this one has a separate battery pack containing two big old 3.7v lithium batteries, and by God it’s bright. I was illuminating roadside trees 200 metres further down the road. And it can be used as a weapon with just a subtle uptilt of the head, and a careful aim.

I noticed what appeared to be a police cyclist emerge from a side road in front of me near Lount. He or she had a brightly reflective vest with a chequered pattern, flashing front and rear lights on his or her helmet and what I thought at first was the word POLICE in white on a dark background on the back of the vest. But on closer inspection, it actually said POLITE.

Just done a bit of googling and I think it was one of these or very similar:

Certainly highly visible and my head torch lit it up like a Christmas tree. But I don’t think I’ll be joining the Polite Force myself.

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