I had a couple of beers and turned in late, last night. I didn’t really fancy propelling myself around on a bike after work but it was a dry afternoon, and there aren’t a lot of those in the forecast at the moment.

I decided that I needed to do 41 miles, because I’d calculated that the remaining distance requirement could be fulfilled by four 41 mile rides and a Fondo. The wind was blowing from the west, though not powerfully. So I headed up to Melbourne through Coleorton, up over Swarkestone and hung a left to take the long, flat A road that runs along the water. I really like cruising along that road for miles without having to push up hills. The only catch is that there’s no sensible way to get there that doesn’t involve a fair bit of climbing, either near Ticknall or Melbourne.

Anyway – I did 21.12 miles and decided to turn back. I wasn’t too cold. I had to wait  at the level crossing near Hilton both ways, but I didn’t mind. I quite like watching the trains go past.

I ate a large bowl of porridge before setting off – it seems to keep me going very nicely, especially in cold weather – and I didn’t bother with the snacks I’d brought with me. Then when I got back to the garage, I noticed that the second bottle cage was empty. I assumed my pod containing a pork pie, a cheese roll and two boiled sweets must have rattled out. Then I noticed it on the bonnet of my car, which I use as a sort of bike stand and equipment table. Apparently I’d left it there when I set off.

Anyway – 42.40 miles which means I’ve done 6034 this year and 148 this month. 180 to go.

The forecast is for rain on Saturday but only in the morning. I might do the December Fondo in the afternoon.


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