Hatton Again

Horrible dank, damp morning and I didn’t think I’d get a run out today, but conditions improved in the afternoon. I set off on the Tricross at about 2pm.

A moderate wind was blowing from the west, so I thought another run up to Melbourne then out west was in order. Pretty much the same as last time, except that I came back through Coleorton (I was pretty sure I’d be back before the roadworks closed off the junction at the bottom of Coleorton; I think that starts at 8pm). I took a left along Station Road through Hatton toward Tutbury and turned back at the roundabout there, something else I didn’t do last time.

I’d checked the weather forecast for Derby as well as for home for a change, and noticed that no rain was predicted there. I hoped therefore that the roads might be less wet as I headed north, and sure enough they did dry up nicely as I approached Melbourne. Dark by the time I was coming back through Willington again, but of course I had good lights.

I listened to 6 Music mostly. Gilles Peterson played some really good stuff today, I must say. I’ve lost interest in the Bond audiobook. I enjoyed the first part in which he gains his 00 status by slaughtering a Norwegian wartime double agent in his bed, then is introduced to his new desk, his secretary and Moneypenny. But I lost interest in his first mission proper.

Quite a pleasant run out overall, though the stretch coming back from Melbourne is becoming a bit of a grind.I suppose I’ve done it a bit too often recently.

Pleased that the front tyre is maintaining its pressure nicely. Reseating the Presta valve with a bit of grease and a pair of pliers did the trick.

45.53 and that leaves me with 135 to do this month.


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