Spon Lane

Gloomy afternoon and relatively cold, but I hadn’t been out on a bike since the weekend so I wrapped up warm, put a dutt on and withdrew Boardman II from the garage after work. I did a longish Twycross Bypasser with a bit of an excursion down the Dad’s Army route. Pleasant run out.

One odd thing – I fully intended to come home along Gibbet Lane but after 25 miles I realised I was pedalling along Bosworth Road. I didn’t even remember taking that turn. It’s not even similar to the Gibbet Lane turn; it involves a steep climb for a few yards just after you turn. I must have been on autopilot.

While I was pedalling along Bosworth Road, I noticed a Mitre football lying on the grass next to the road. Over the hedge to the left, some young lads were doing football practice in proper kit, with a coach. So I stopped the bike and booted it over, in the manner of Jonny Wilkinson taking a drop kick. I didn’t get so much of a nod of thanks. You would think the ball had returned itself, like a boomerang. I’ll just take it home next time and put it on eBay.

Speaking of football I quite enjoyed Denmark v Scotland on 5 Live.

I was caught without lights – I thought sunset was about 20:15 (I didn’t check of course) but nope, 19:55 this evening! Enough light to see but I definitely should have had a rear light on over the last couple of miles. The second Boardman is the only bike in the fleet without a permanent rear light fitted, I must fix that.

Anyway 37.70 miles, I’ll aim to do another 275 or so this month.