A couple of showers today, but it was sunny by about 4pm and the roads were mostly dry, so I withdrew the Boardman after work to perform a Twycrosser. I aimed to do about 25 since I didn’t have much time this evening.

As I came up to the junction of Measham Road / Ashby Road, I noticed that a driver opposite had just parked, and was inspecting the rear of his car. As I drew alongside, I realised why. He’d just been shunted at some force; the back end of his car was badly mangled. The other vehicle involved was stationary at the junction on the main road and the whole front end was smashed up. The road was showered with broken glass and bits of plastic and the airbag had been deployed. Fortunately it looked like no-one had been hurt but the occupant was still at the wheel, looking rather dazed.

Apart from that, an uneventful and pleasant run out. Nice sunset. Getting dark by the time I got back.

25.02 miles, 526 this month and I think that’s probably it for September.