Twycross Bypasser

A very dry, mostly sunny day but a rather cold one, with a stiff wind blowing from the north. I only wanted to do 30 or so – I hadn’t completely recovered from Friday’s 65 miler, which was unusually climby by my own standards. Decided on a Twycross Bypasser.

Clear view of the skyscraper tops at Birmingham 20 miles away, from Orton Hill. Wished I’d brought binoculars with me.

Surprisingly I picked up a PR on a segment between Sheepy and the A444, despite a headwind over the first part of it – and usually I’d have had a tailwind over the second part, running west to east. I suppose riding a zippy bike helped but I certainly wasn’t trying to break any records. Odd one.

Back on 32.30 miles, 365 done this month. 4682 done this year so without wishing to tempt fate, that 5000 mile target for 2021 is starting to look nailed on.