I wanted to do 30 after work and I’d been looking forward to it all day. Managed to leave work early and set off 25 minutes before sunset, in cold winter sunshine. I had a vague, half-formed idea of going out through Coalville and going south, but a mile later I decided to turn back and do a Twycrosser instead. I took a left on Ashby Road and came back via Church Lane.

So I headed west instead. The onrush of cold air as I rolled down Alton Hill persuaded me to keep it shorter than 20 miles. Clearly, it wasn’t going to be an enjoyable ride. By the time I was approaching Snarestone my fingers were positively painful with the cold, so I decided just to come back the quickest way from there. I did detour slightly through Ibstock though, and do a circuit of the village to bump the distance up a bit.

Back on 19.39 miles. That was the third-shortest ride of the year. But – it does take me to less than 300 to go to the big 5K.

Not sure what the answer is, to the cold finger problem. I was wearing pretty decent, substantial gloves. Perhaps I’ll look into the possibility of acquiring some heated ones.