Cold Twycross Bypasser

Definitely not a mild day today. But sunny, and not too windy. I left work early (attentive readers will have noticed that I do this a lot) to do a Twycross Bypasser. I did the version that goes through Warton, so I could tick off another neighbouring county box for 2022 (Warwickshire, of course – one of the easy ones).

A pretty sunset gave way to a starry night, with a thin crescent moon. I admit that I have digitally enhanced the photo above, taken by the light of a head torch, because the moon looked a bit shaky in the original image. Lovely view of Orion, part-submerged behind the horizon to the east. Could make out Pleiades as well.

Really cold after the sun went down. My fingertips were yelping. I wore new thermal socks though and I do think they helped a bit.

Back on 33.81 miles, which means 100 this month already.