Sutton Bonington

Wanted to do 30 or 40 after work. I was able to get out at about 4pm. Not particularly warm, but dry and mostly sunny.

With the wind coming from the east, I thought I’d do 15 or 20 miles of the eastbound route, then come back. I decided to turn toward Long Whatton instead, but just by following my nose I found myself back on the usual eastbound route after a few miles.

After Zouch though I took the turn to Sutton Bonington, rather than Normanton. I hadn’t done that for about three years – which is painful to think about really, because it doesn’t seem that long ago. Really nice along there. The trouble is, it doesn’t really go anywhere useful.

Stopped to take this pic, and to check the seat post and saddle – this was the Boardman’s first run out on its carbon seat post, which had been intended for the Cannondale but didn’t fit it. I hadn’t noticed anything amiss during the ride up to that point, but when I checked it by hand, the saddle was loose! Just as well I’d brought the appropriate Allen key.

I turned back for home. I could have gone a bit further along Soar Lane, but the road surface was awful.

Back on 28.96 miles. I could have done a few more but I was looking forward to a cheap but well refrigerated Sauvignon Blanc and a Tesco ready meal.

That’s 294 this month, 1503 this year.