Torrential rain yesterday and the roads were a bit wet again, but a high probability of a dry afternoon was promised so I thought I’d do 30 or so after work. Didn’t want to go much further than that because I’d been feeling a bit tired and frazzled from a beer-enhanced gig followed by a late bedtime last night.

I did a Twycross Bypasser, starting off by going down through Heather. I don’t usually do that, but on this occasion I’d actually intended to go out west through Measham but changed my mind when I reached the turn for Swepstone. The cosy familiarity of a Bypasser just felt more appealing.

It was getting gloomy by the time I reached Sibson and I reached down to turn on the rear light, only to find that it wasn’t working. I remembered that I’d had exactly the same experience last time I took the Tricross out after dark. And I never got round to fitting new batteries.

Luckily though I’d brought a spare head torch that takes the same (AAA) batteries so I stopped and swapped them in. Just as well because it was properly dark for the last half hour of the ride.

Really nice out there in the Autumn sunshine and not too cold. I picked up a few spots of rain near Sibson, but nothing to speak of.

I listened to the Drive programme on 5 Live, which mostly concerned itself with the result of the Tory leadership election of course. Geeta Guru-Murthy was sitting in for Clare McDonnell. It became obvious from the first few minutes that she holds similar views to her brother Krishnan, although she didn’t call anyone a cunt.

Back on 30.44 miles. 452 this month and I’ve more than made up for the September shortfall now.