Long Whatton

Hadn’t been out on a bike for a few days, so with rotten weather expected tomorrow I thought I’d try to get 20 or so in after work. Didn’t have time for much more than that, because rain was due over around 7pm.

If I got back by 6pm, I reckoned, I’d probably get away with it. Well, I didn’t get away with it, I was intermittently subjected to light rain and drizzle. Dry for the last 5 miles or so though, and the bike and myself mostly dried off. I gave the bike a good wipe down when I got back anyway.

A light wind was coming from the east. I went up to Long Whatton, across to Diseworth, back down Top Brand, Griffydam, Peggs Green, Coleorton.

20.62 miles, not a lot really but I’m pretty relaxed about getting the miles in now. Done 228 this month now, the target is only 300. If I do another 84 this month which seems likely, I’ll hit 5000 miles this year before December.