By this morning, the weather forecast on the BBC site promised merely the faintest threat of rain over the whole day. Furthermore, winds were promised to be very light, blowing gently from the east. Anticipated temperatures had been upgraded a degree from yesterday’s forecast, as well.

Clearly, a fondo along the eastbound route was in order, even though that’s exactly what I did last Saturday.

I set off at about 10:20. I picked up some very faint drizzle after 20 miles. After another 5 miles or so, persistent cold, light rain. It didn’t let up for about 90 minutes, and I was soaked. Misery.

Fortunately the weather cleared up quite nicely later in the afternoon and the last 25 miles or so were dry. But my socks were still soaking wet after I took my cycling shoes off on returning home and my gloves had only just started to dry off. Uncomfortable. But actually I did enjoy the ride on the way back all the same.

I came back a slightly different way, along Narrow Lane to Wymeswold. I’ve done that a couple of times but this time, on one of those adventurous impulses that I’ve been prone to recently, I followed a sign to Hoton. From there I continued on to Cotes and I don’t think I’ve done that stretch before. Nice cycling territory along there.

Listened to Gilles Peterson on 6 Music and a few hours of the Reacher novel.

Back on 63.90 which puts me within 8 miles of the monthly target (300). 4980 done in 2022.