Broughton Astley

Another very cold day but at least it was sunny. A light wind was blowing from the south. I’m on call today, but I thought I’d go down the southbound route for as long as my nerve held, then come back. I got as far as Broughton Astley before turning for home. I wouldn’t have had any qualms about going further probably except that our not-overly-talented sys admin team did some operating system patching for one of our customers early in the week, and the customer was due to reboot the servers in question today. Therefore there was a higher-than-usual probability that I’d get called. Although I wasn’t.

I didn’t regret turning back as soon as I did after sunset though – the temperature fell off a cliff. But it had been nice out there in the sun.

Listened to the remainder of The Man With The Golden Gun – so I’ve got through the whole thing in two rides, which surprised me. I guess it must be a lot shorter than the average Reacher novel.

Stopped at the Post Office at Broughton and bought a sausage roll, which was awful – very dry, and an Ice Cream Snickers Bar which even at 1C was delightful.

Back on 44.46 miles.