I set off with the firm intention of doing a Twycross Bypasser of roughly, but at least, 34 miles in distance – to get the January total up to the target (324 miles).

Cold out there, but bearable. Until I watched the sun disappear over the horizon while pushing along Kisses Barn Lane, at which point the temperature seemed to subside by a couple of degrees almost instantly. I decided there and then to keep it decently short although I didn’t come back the very quickest way.

Beautiful clear night with a fantastic view of Orion especially, marred slightly by the fact that I’d come out of the house with my reading glasses instead of a pair of varifocals, so was having to make do with unadorned eyeballs.

I got back just in time, or so I hoped, to get a decent view of the ISS coming over at 6:20pm once I’d got the bike into the garage and grabbed a pair of distance specs, but nope – somehow I missed it. Oh well it’s due back over tomorrow!

I took the Tricross out for the first time this year and I must say it’s rolling really nicely at the moment. Responds really smoothly and the big tyres soak up road buzz very well.

I entered Warwickshire briefly on the western end of the route, so that’s another neighbouring county box ticked.

Back on 29.34 miles.