Repton to Hartshorne

A very cold day, but the temperature was just about up above freezing by the time I set off in the afternoon and the wind from the west was fairly light. Wasn’t sure what to do really. I thought of going up to Derby but I didn’t. I went up over Swarkestone Bridge via Top Brand, west along the A road as far as Willington, then I decided to try a route I’d thought of while poring over old GPS tracks, down through Repton, Hartshorne and Ashby.

Unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be a great idea. The road between Repton and Hartshorne is gross, really lumpy and badly surfaced. This evening it was wet, as well. Especially annoying in the dark, even with a powerful front light. I was very happy to make it to Hartshorne, which is more familiar territory.

I think I may have done that road before, and made a mental note not to do it again. Unfortunately the cerebral ink with which I metaphorically scribble those reminders is prone to fading, these days.

Just checked and I did it two years ago tomorrow: “I don’t think I’ll do that route between Willington and Ashby again, or at least not between Willington and Hartshorne. It’s very rural and quiet and almost reminiscent of the lake district, being lined by hills. But it’s too climby”, I wrote.

A few specks of snow near Swarkestone but otherwise no precipitation.

Back on 33.62 miles.