Another dry, sunny day so inevitably, I decided to ride a bike after work. My right knee was a bit sore after the last ride and I didn’t want to push my luck, so I decided that 25 miles would do. I taped it up before I set off, haven’t done that for a year or two. I decided to go out through Coalville and up Ashby Road for a bit, which wouldn’t involve any conspicuous climbing.

Took a left to Long Whatton from Ashby Road but rather than heading back I kept on from there to Zouch. Turned back homeward just over the Nottinghamshire border. Came back down Top Brand.

My knee didn’t give me any trouble, happily. I think taping it up does help, I should do that more often, at least on long rides. I only wish I’d kept my legs properly shaved like a good cyclist, the tape was a bastard to get off.

Enjoyable run out and nice to get out after work and be back before sunset. Cold out there. Would have been worse if I’d stayed out another half hour.

Back on 25.06 miles, so that was a pretty good stab at a 25 miler. 450 done this month.