Welford Road

I’d intended to go up toward Newark today, a ride I’ve only ever done a few times. But the weather forecast deteriorated overnight. My best bet for avoiding rain showers was to go south it seemed.

So I decided just to do the southbound route. Fortunately the wind was light enough that I wouldn’t suffer a stiff headwind on the way back. Actually the wind direction was forecast to be unusually changeable today so it was a bit of a lottery in any case.

Cool and cloudy when I set off, but the sun came out intermittently later on. I’m on call at the moment but it’s been very quiet, and I risked doing a half-fondo distance before turning back for home. I offered a conciliatory nod to being on call by turning back at Welford Road rather than going right down to Welford.

The weather was really nice later in the afternoon, making me think – again – that I should have stayed out longer. But at least I didn’t get rained on.

I made a slight modification to the route by taking a longer way through Dunton Bassett. Makes the route a bit simpler and avoids a steepish hill.

Listened mostly to 5 Live, and the Beatles album Help!

Back on 63.68 miles, and that’s a very satisfying 332 done this month so far.