Fenn Lanes Backwards

Very similar conditions to my last couple of rides – dry, cloudy and cool with an annoying wind from the north-east. I didn’t want to embark upon the eastbound route again so soon and I hadn’t done any of the southbound for a while, so – I decided I’d suck up the headwind on the way back and go south.

I got as far as Kirkby Mallory then headed west to Sutton Cheney, then from there along Fenn Lanes. The idea was to do the first 20-odd miles of a Twycrosser from there, but in reverse. But rather than coming up through Twycross, Snarestone et al I veered eastward toward Market Bosworth and came up through Carlton and Barton.

The headwind was certainly annoying on the way back up but at least I only had myself to blame. Good run out regardless. 33.35 miles.

Listened to more of my current Reacher novel, Bad Luck and Trouble. Good one so far.