Eastbound with Modification

Today’s weather forecast threatened rain from about 4-5pm, which gave me enough time for a fondo if I got up early enough – which I did.

With a stiff breeze coming from the east, the basic plan was to do the eastbound route. However I planned a diversion on the way back, to take in a road between Thrussington and Cotes that I discovered while exploring a month or two ago.

I set off at about 0915, did the usual route for a little over 28 miles, then turned back. I’d calculated that the detour would give me the necessary 100km if I turned back at that point and I didn’t want to do more than that – every unnecessary mile was a hostage to fortune with the weather. It wouldn’t be the first time the rain had turned up early.

I plunged south into the detour through Ragdale and Hoby about 6 or 7 miles later. The main route out east at that point is nice and flat, but it actually runs along a sort of ridge, or spine – if you go north or south from it, you end up going sharply downhill. As I approached Hoby I was overtaken by an old bloke in a powder blue 911 with the top down. Unfortunately he wanted to take the descent, and the curve into Hoby a bit more hesitantly than I did and I had to put the brakes on more than once, to avoid colliding with his rear bumper. Annoying because I never like to waste kinetic energy or brake pad material. If you can’t outpace a bike in a Porsche, maybe you shouldn’t have one. Either that or refrain from overtaking on a steep descent.

Well – the detour was a bit of a rollercoaster and while it was all quite pleasant, It’s only really the last few miles through Walton on the Wolds that I’d want to repeat. There are more economical ways of doing that than going all the way down to Thrussington.

I added a couple of miles by taking a wrong turn after Walton; only realised when I found myself entering Barrow on Soar. I just turned back rather than rerouting.

Listened to the Stones’ Bridges to Babylon – another thoroughly decent record. Then the Singapore Grand Prix.

I didn’t get rained on.

Back on 64.05 miles; fourth fondo this month. Not sure if I’ve ever done five in a month before but it looks like I will this month.