Eleven whole days since I’d been out on a bike, partly because I was away last weekend but also due to an unreasonable run of rainy conditions. The weather seems mainly to have been wet the whole year so far.

Fortunately, at the moment it looks like Saturday and Sunday will be dry this weekend. Today’s weather forecast was not so promising, but I thought I’d do 25 or 30 miles anyway. The BBC forecast threatened rain from noon, but the rainfall radar picture looked more optimistic. I set off at about 1050. Just wanted to do a Twycrosser.

I was going to go all the way down to Sheepy as usual, but as I turned off down Sheepy Road, I noticed a rather threatening dark grey sky to the south. So I turned back and took the short cut down the main road. Came back along Gibbet Lane.

The rain started at 1202 exactly, so unfortunately the BBC forecast was pretty much spot on. Since I was going to get wet either way I came home the longer way through Barton and Nailstone. I also reasoned that the roads that way were less likely to be muddy.

Unexpectedly a mild, sunny day broke out over the last hour or so of the ride. It’s still pretty nice out there, a couple of hours later. I could have stayed out for longer but I was getting a bit close to home, and the temptation of a coffee and a hot cross bun. I’ll probably do a long one on Sunday anyway.

Back on 25.74 miles and that’s 394 this month, which is over target for March.