Up and Down

I wanted to do at least 40 after work, really – to get the remaining distance to target down under 30 miles, because opportunities for cycling at the weekend are likely to be time-limited by scheduled work and the weather.

On call again so I couldn’t stray too far from base, yet again. It was a little bit dank out there, and annoyingly windy. The roads were wet. Consequently my heart wasn’t really in it, but I set off at about 15:40 regardless, on the Tricross.

I went up along Top Brand to Isley Walton, skirting the airport at the southern end then east through Diseworth and Long Whatton, coming back down through Thringstone and Belton. The original plan had been to go right down to Kirkby Mallory and maybe west along Fenn Lanes then back up through Twycross and Snarestone, but I didn’t. I decided to come back up home after Bagworth, via Wood Rd, Battram and Ibstock.

I did start enjoying myself a bit over the last five miles or so but by that time I was already determined to come home.

I wore my Tesco joggers with the cycling pants over them, as a sort of cosmetic exterior cladding. Seemed very effective.

Noticed powerful searchlight beams tracing the night sky, as if searching for Heinkel bombers, a few miles to my east as I came up from Ibstock. No idea what that’s about.

Back on 35.60 miles. 6180 done this year, 295 this month. 34 to go, though I expect I’ll do another 100 or so before 2021.


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