Through the 10,000km Barrier

I needed to do about 33.5 miles today, to reach the 10,000km (6214 miles) finish line that is my most recent, and final yearly goal for 2020. I’ve moved the goalposts a few times having originally just wanted to match my 2019 total (4305 miles).

Earlier in the week the weather forecast predicted light showers for early this morning, then no rain for the rest of the day. By this morning though, the light showers were expected around midday instead. But I exercised unusual diligence and checked the weather to the north, and to the south – and it turned out that to the south, no rain was expected Furthermore a moderate wind was coming from the south – so I thought I’d head in that direction to avoid the rain, then come back up once it had passed over.

I didn’t have a clear route in mind. I mostly made it up as I went along, but I came up with a pretty coherent sort of highly extended reverse Twycrosser. Not too enjoyable heading south for the first part of the ride but very enjoyable in the sunshine with a tailwind, coming back up.

I stopped to take this pic shortly after hitting my 10,000km target, not far from Snarestone:

I didn’t get rained on.

Back on 43.59 miles. 338 this month, 6224 this year.

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