Twycross Bypasser

Warm again, a bit overcast but dry. Not much time this evening but I thought I’d probably get 30 miles in. I did a Twycross Bypasser, taking in a short section of the Dad’s Army route.

Really nice out there, especially when the sun came out. I tuned into the 5 Live Drive programme to start off with. I kind of knew what would happen, and sadly, I wasn’t wrong. A few racist pricks have offered the BBC all the excuse it needs for another race-baiting festival, and this afternoon’s programme featured a live broadcast from the Marcus Rashford mural.

Marcus is especially dear to the BBC of course, because he is perceived as a sort of de-facto, ad-hoc opposition to the government. But they will bang on about race for weeks now.

So I turned it off and listened to more of my audiobook, Pushing Ice. Still enjoying it although it has morphed into a second story now. Also it has a lot of content that, while interesting, is not really necessary to the plot. Could have been an absolutely belting book if it was shorter and more focussed. Still very good though.

Noticed a lot of those little black beetles scurrying across the road in front of me. They always take the most direct route, at right angles to the edge of the road. Those little bastards are more intelligent than they are letting on.

30.80 miles.