Truncated Twycrosser

A glorious, warm summer day. I’m on call, doing something else this afternoon and want to reserve my energy for a possible long ride on Monday, but I thought I’d crank out 20 or so before the temperature increases too much. I wore my skimpiest, paper-thin meshy camo top and shorts.

Already I can imagine reading this post again in six months’ time and barely being able to imagine the conditions. But actually going out wrapped up in the winter cold and dark has its charm as well. I can do without it for a bit longer, though.

I did a pretty standard truncated Twycrosser. I realised after half a mile or so that I hadn’t brought my phone with me so no photos, because I thought I’d press on and take the risk that I’d be called from work. It was unlikely.

And yet I did have two missed work calls when I got back a couple of hours later. Happily they both concerned a problem that I’d already fixed when they called me at 0800 this morning. They sometimes don’t quite know what they’re doing.

22.70 miles, 241 this month.