Twycross Bypasser

Wanted to do 20 or so while the weather’s still nice. But although I stopped work early, I left it until abut 18:30 before setting off, to give the heat out there a chance to dissipate a bit. I did a Twycross Bypasser.

Glorious out there, especially in the last hour before sunset. I was tempted to stop at San Giovanni for a cheeky outdoor margarita, but I didn’t have a front light with me and I’d already extended the ride a bit by doing the Warton extension to the west.

Forgot to take a DAB personal or MP3 player with me, but I didn’t really miss the in-flight entertainment. I did have my phone, but no earbuds.

Lovely view of the sun as a dark orange ball above the horizon a few minutes before sunset. Of course I only looked at it very briefly.

Back a couple of minutes after it had gone down on 29.80 miles, and that takes me to 443 this month, 2901 this year. I’m sure there’s time for another 100 before the end of July.