Flat A Road

Another warm day! Cycling without tights on is the new normal!

Left work early-ish and with a light wind coming from the west, I decided a run along my beloved Flat A Road was in order. It’s really a joy to glide along there in nice weather, especially on the S Works or the Cannondale. It’s just a shame you have to go up and down so many hills to get there.

The S Works accompanied me today. The traffic was a little excessive on the outward leg, though. So was the heat, so the second half of the ride was definitely more enjoyable.

I stopped just west of Hilton and came back exactly the same way. I’d thought about taking the detour around Rotter’s Rise south of Melbourne, but didn’t bother in the end.

My Garmin bike computer wanted to install a new software version just after I turned it on. The data fields have a different layout now. No better or worse really, just different.


40.63 miles.