Twycross Bypasser

A bit windy, very overcast but warmish and dry. Left work as early as I could with the intention of getting 25 miles in. Didn’t have time this evening for much more.

I did a Twycross Bypasser, with the Warton extension. Quite a pleasing run out. Forgot to take my phone with me, so no pics. Felt a little insecure without it, but I reminded myself that no-one used to take a phone with them on a bike until the 1990s. And I wasn’t going far.

Sad to hear the news of Charlie Watts’ passing while listening to LBC. That first generation of rock’n’rollers who came to prominence in the ’60s is already filing through the exit.

Due to navigational incompetence I did 30.06 miles instead of the intended 25, but I made it back in time.

I saw a very small dead bird, near Heather. Fully feathered (perhaps fledged is the term) but really tiny. Hard to say what killed it, it looked intact apart from the fact that it was completely still and lying on the road. Perhaps a Goldcrest (I’ve just spent 5 minutes Googling small British birds).

231 this month! Quite pleased with that given that I was on holiday for a week.